Things to Bear in Mind When Choosing a Wedding Dress

The most exciting part when planning a wedding is choosing the perfect wedding gown. When the day to choose the wedding dress come, it can also be confusing, especially for first-time brides. Here are things to consider when choosing a wedding gown.

Start Early – Avoid Last-Minute Shopping

Start wedding hunt 9 to 12 months before the wedding date. This gives the brides enough time to think, do research, try on different bridal styles and avoid rushing into the stress of making uncalculated last-minute decisions.

Location – Consider the Tone the Venue Will Set

Taking wedding location into account is very important when choosing a wedding dress. It is a good guideline to know whether the dress should be more glamorous or more subtle. For example, when having a beach wedding, it’s important to pick a gown that fits the location. Choosing a ballroom style wedding dress will feel uncomfortable and look awkward.

Research – Refine Taste Through Wedding Gown Research

Before hopping through bridal boutiques, it’s important to familiarise with basic wedding dress shapes, styles and fabrics through online research to pinpoint the main features preferred in the wedding dress. For reference and inspiration, save the favourite bridal looks in a folder. Stick to one wedding style gown through the research.

The Wedding Date – Consider Period of Year

When choosing a wedding dress, the date is a very important thing to consider. For example, if the wedding day will be in winter, wearing certain fabrics will make the bride freeze and shiver the whole day. In summer, wearing a dress that has a high neckline is not recommended since won’t be comfortable.

Appointments – Schedule the Bridal Dress Appointments Wisely

It’s advisable to schedule appointments early in the day on weekdays to benefit from the mix less crowded showrooms and full morning energy. If sacrificing days on a weekday is not possible, the bride should plan appointments efficiently to allow them to visit as many destinations as they want within the time-slot they are willing to dedicate.

Budget – Create Overall Wedding Budget

It’s essential to bear budget in mind since wedding gowns can be very expensive. Knowing the amount that one willing to spend on her wedding gown helps to narrow down the options. The dream dress does not have to be very expensive. There are many online and physical stores that cater to everyone.

Weddings are always fun by definition, to make the big day a memorable one, plan everything early. Picking a venue will set the foundation for the entire wedding. The venue influences the overall feel of most weddings. Royal Lancaster London is one of the leading wedding venues in Europe, boasting some of London’s most spectacular event space.