The history of Thai red curry

Also recognized as spicy curry, this dish is among the popular dishes inside Thailand cuisine. Interesting how all Thailand curry dishes are named based on the colours and normally prepared from ingredients mostly traceable in Thailand. But lucky for the people in London for it is believed that the square restaurant is the best Thailand restaurant offering a genuine and unique taste of Thai dishes. Even the nickname, “spice curry” says it all about the Thai red curry giving us an idea of the hot ingredients it contains. In this article, I will show you more details about this favourite dish.

 Thai red curry.

 1. Where it originated from

As the name sounds, the dish comes from central Thailand, the only country in the southeastern part of Asia to never be colonized during the western colonization of Asia. The food remained powerful spicing people up for centuries with more advanced methods of cooking taking over as time passed by. The story of cuisine dishes goes way back from China where they learned its frying from. The Chinese people not only gave the dish a range of well-scented spices coming from India but also got chilli peppers from the missionaries from Portugal. Mixing the native herbs and fresh roots afterwards gave Thai curry its unique taste.

 2. About Thai red curry.

The favourite dish is made of red paste that includes ginger, lemongrass, coriander roots, not forgetting galangal and shallots. Also among the ingredients include cardamom, a clove, nutmegs, cinnamon, coriander, and Cummins. These ingredients are then collected together and crushed. After a proper crushing, coconut milk and leaves from kaffir limes are then added to the crushed mixture to add and create a broth-like soup. After all these processes, it is time for the vegetables and potatoes to be added sometimes added with some peanuts. It is best served with rice. red curry is not only iconic and most preferred in the western part but also a well-known traditional staple food all over Thailand.

 Final thoughts.

After several tastes from different types of dishes, the style curry has proven to be the best meal in the area. Filled with red chilies, some ginger, a bit of garlic, lemongrass, sweet coconut milk with added green peppers and beans. You should definitely try it out. It cannot disappoint you, especially if you are a tourist in an area where the meal is available.

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