Which shoes are best for your nails?

Toenails should be healthy and strong in appearance. They should be free from ridges, discolouration, and dents. Make an effort to care for the toenails by incorporating cleaning and regular grooming into the daily routine.

Monitor the toenails regularly while watching out any signs of fungal infections, physical damages, and signs of diseases. Also, you should avoid any behaviour that can physically harm your toenails after the pedicure. Use shoes that will help keep your toenails as healthy and strong as possible. Here are the best shoes for your nails.

Flip Flops – The Best for Your Nails

The hard work to keep the toenails healthy and strong can go down the drain when an individual tries to step back into the shoes. Don’t run the risk of damaging your toenails by trying to shove the feet in a close-toed or sneaker shoe. It is recommended to put on a pair of flip flops, especially for those who love their toenails.

Most nail techs are always more than willing to provide dented polish, but putting on open shoes could help you prevent any damages from happening. Having a pedicure at K West Hotel & Spa can be an enjoyable experience. However, the toenails will need special attention and care. Just wear proper shoes and be mindful of what to pair them with.

Open Thong – Perfect for Showcasing a Cosmetic Treatment

Open Thong is a dressier version of the flip-flop shoes. For this type of open shoes, the band between the toes always leads up to the straps that are well-elaborated with costume jewellery or patterns.

In most cases, Open Thong shoes are secured to the feet by straps around the ankles. They are perfect for showcasing a fabulous pedicure while enjoying your visit to K West Hotel & Spa. Go for varieties with heels since they can potentially pair with any stylish dresses while keeping your toenails healthy and strong.

Wrap-Round Ankle Strap Shoes – Excellent for Office Wear

While most open shoes tend to impact the casual vibe, some of them are elaborate enough to suit or go with any office wear. This type of shoes, particularly those with heels, can look professional when paired up with pants or dresses. Since they do not cover your toes, they are ideal for individuals who want to keep their toenails healthy.

Everybody wants to keep their nails strong and healthy. Use the above types of shoe to keep the toenails in good conditions.


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