The History of the Victoria and Albert Museum – The Centre of Art in the World

Victoria and Albert Museum – The Centre of Art in the World

Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum is the world’s largest applied arts, sculpture and artistic collection centre globally. It is found in Albertopolis, an area within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The area was named after Prince Albert, the husband to Queen Victoria (she reigned from June 1837 to January 1901.) If you are staying at the Royal Lancaster Hotel Hyde Park it is a visit you cannot miss.

The World’s Largest Museum – Why it is Considered So

Where and How it Started

It started as the Museum of Manufactures in 1851 after the Great Exhibition. The first campus was at the Marlborough but was later moved to the Somerset House the following year. Among the first work of art exhibited were applied art and science pieces collected from the Great exhibition of 1851.

Three years later, plans to move the museum to its current location were discussed. After several years of conceptualisation and creation, The Queen officially opened the Museum on June 20th, 1857, as South Kensington Museum. It got its current name in May 1899 when the Queen laid the new building’s foundation where the current campus stands.*The Collection – 5000 Years’ Worth of Art

It showcases art from all over the world, made from glass, ceramics, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures. From the Italian Renaissance to art from South Asia and the Far East, the V&A Museum has it all. All these pieces of art are housed in over 145 galleries.

Year 200 and Beyond – Look into the Future

VA Museum has included fashion, furniture, Publishing and modern-day Fine Arts into the museum. It has also invested in Art Research and Conservation.

photo by M.chohan –

By Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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