What is cosmetic dermatology?

Dermatology is the specialism within biological science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the skin, nails and hair. Medical dermatology is concerned with treating medical conditions affecting these areas. Cosmetic dermatology, sometimes called aesthetic medicine is a subset of dermatology concerned with improving the look and feel of the skin, mostly on the face and neck.

Cosmetic Applications of Dermatology

Although cosmetic dermatologists/aestheticians undergo training in numerous procedures it does not require overall additional certification. Certain procedures may be offered only under license but many are available in high-street beauty salons and medical spas.

Cosmetic procedures include:

Anti-ageing measures such as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and skin tightening

Treatment of acne and acne scars

Scar visibility reduction

Correction of skin tone and hyperpigmentation

Reduction of surface fat

Hair removal

Cellulite treatment

Reduction of stretch marks

Excessive sweating

Tattoo removal.

Cosmetic treatments include:

Botox injections

Dermal fillers


Chemical peels

Physical exfoliation

Laser skin treatment

Laser hair removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

Non-Invasive Fat Removal. For example, Cool Sculpting

If you have any issues with the way your skin looks or feels, a consultation with a professional cosmetic dermatologist is a good idea. You will be provided with advice as to which procedures would probably produce the results you want to achieve.

It is best to visit an accredited clinic or spa than an unlicensed premises where you are unsure about the qualifications and experience of the staff undertaking the procedures.


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